Williston Basin International Airport Project moves forward, invites public to see progress

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WILLISTON, N.D. - The Williston Basin International Airport Project is moving forward.

July 27, city officials showed the public what to expect from the new facility. The open house provided an opportunity to get answers and show what's planned for the new site.

"Let them see what the terminal is going to be looking like, what the progress as we move forward into the development is going to be. What they can expect on a yearly basis development wise and for construction," says Steven Kjergaard, Williston Airport Director.

It was also an opportunity to share the latest updates.

"And also see the good news that we've actually had the purchase agreement signed with all the landowners. so it's a major milestone for the community as well," says Kjergaard.

Some, however, were still unconvinced of the necessity of the project.

"I'm concerned about my taxes being raised. I have more than one property in the area and it's hard enough right now with the lack of work to pay those taxes," says Linda Granley, concerned taxpayer.

They favor the alternative of renovating the old airport.

"It's managed to hold all the thousands who were going through it, and boardings are down. I just think we need to work with what we have for now," says Granley.

Sloulin Field was built to process 10,000 people per year. Even though boardings are down, it's is still processing more than that per month.

"The terminal was never designed to handle that. The runway and airport aren't designed to handle the aircraft that operate out of there every day. So we have to do something as a community. And we can either choose do nothing and have the risk of not having air carrier service, or we can move forward," says Kjergaard,

But issues aside, the community was able to see what has been in the works for five years.

For more on the new airport, you can visit their website: xwaproject.com