Williams County resident reaches out to show appreciation to law enforcement

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Thursday night’s news was a shock to those who are in the law enforcement family. While the incident took place in Dallas, an individual in Williams County wanted to show appreciation for those who serve and protect.

It’s something you don’t come across every day. But Ginny Gergen did today.

“I thought, 'Wow, this is great,'” said Ginny Gergen, Courthouse Café kitchen manager.

A random act of kindness, not just benefiting one individual, but one profession that may need it more than ever.

“They are not recognized enough. They do more behind the scene than we really know,” said Doretta Taylor, Courthouse Café co-owner.

"This morning a woman came by the Courthouse Café and told Gergen that an individual wanted to pay for all of the law enforcement and their staff lunches. She didn’t give the name of the individual, but the only thing she said, was to keep count,” said Taylor.

“I was shocked! I was like really, that is a lot! There are a lot of law enforcement here in town," said Gergen.

The act of kindness message spread throughout the departments and the law enforcement officers were touched by the gesture.

“To have somebody to be so kind to do that means more to me, it means more to all of us officers. It just makes us so happy to know that we have support in the community,” said Melanie Russell, Williston Police Department officer.

“It helps us remember that what we do is for a good purpose and it is looked at in a positive light," said Capt. Verlan Kvande, Williams Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Many law enforcement officials wanted to meet the individual personally to thank them, but the cafe staff told them they do not know who it was.

“I don’t know if that person understands how much it really does mean. It’s not about the free food or that we didn’t have to pay for lunch today. It’s that understanding that the community backs us, supports us, and maybe understands some of the emotion that goes along with that for us,” said Kvande.

With the uproar caused across the country, one anonymous person hopes to bring calm.

The restaurant owner says by the end of their lunch hour, they had served almost 90 law enforcement staff and their families. The total comes out to a ​little more than $561.