Williams County SWAT team training

WILLIAMS COUNTY, N.D. - You may have noticed some Williams County SWAT activity Wednesday, but it was just a drill.

Sheriff's deputies say having a SWAT team that's prepared is important because as the population grows, so do the number of dangerous situations.

Once a month, the 26 member SWAT team practices real life scenarios. Wednesday, they simulated various barricaded subject situations. The SWAT team in this area was activated two years ago.

"With more people come more negative situations, and they're training today just to keep on top of it. Like anything in law enforcement, we've got to train to keep us safe, and keep you safe," said Caleb Fry, Williams County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Detective.

Fry said the number of calls the SWAT team has received in 2019 has remained consistent with years prior. The 2018 annual report shows the team served three high-risk and three moderate search warrants last year. They also responded to three bomb threats and conducted one other high-risk operation.

"Whenever the public is in dire risk, the SWAT team will get called out. Situations like suicidal individuals that have nothing to lose. Usually the Northwest Negotiations Team also goes with them," Fry added.

Fry said they are called sporadically to assist in situations, so preparing themselves with these drills is of the upmost importance.