Wildwood Country Club is open with COVID-19 safety measures

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BURLINGTON, N.D. - Wildwood Country Club is staying open with social distancing parameters.

"We've had a lot of phone calls that everybody's just happy that something is open for them to do that's still able to give that social distancing," said general manager Sonya Faken.

Safety rules include 15-minute tee-time increments, no touching flags, ball washes, or groups larger that four on the course or in the clubhouse.

"We're pretty fortunate that this is an outdoor sport. Being outdoors is good for confined spaces, but I know of course the safety of everybody is our first concern," said co-owner Aaron Faken.

Favorable weather has allowed the course to open a month earlier than normal.

"Our course is actually in very good shape. The frost seems to be coming out as we speak. We've been using the Bobcats and the skid steers to spread out our gravel in the cart paths, and those don't seem to be imprinting much anymore," Aaron said.

The staff says both hand and driving carts are wiped down between rounds, and they are monitoring developments to see if they need to make any more adjustments or close down in the future.