Wildrose Public Transportation expands

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WILDROSE, N.D. - Finding reliable transportation in Northwest North Dakota can be tough sometimes, but a bus service in Wildrose is hoping to make it easier for residents in the area.

It’s a service that was started back in the 1970s.

“We’ll pick them up at their door and take them where they need to go,”says Candy Hartman, Wildrose Public Transportation Manager.

And it continues to thrive even though a different entity has taken over.

Wildrose Public Transportation already serves more than five communities. Now they will add four more.

“So far it’s been great! As long as we can keep our drivers,” says Hartman.

The transportation service recently added Crosby, Ambrose, Fortuna and Grenora to the list. The expansion coincides with the addition of a new 14-passenger bus acquired through a grant. Now they have two buses.

“For some, it’s the only way they are able to stay in their home and not have to move into a bigger community,” says Hartman.

The service already travels to Williston, Minot and Plentywood several times a month, but officials say the expansion was needed.

“Leave the driving to us. You have less worries, and you can relax, you can visit, we’ll get you to your appointments, and we’ll get you there and back,” says Mark Soholt, Wildrose Public Transportation Driver.

Hartman’s husband Don makes himself available to do some of the driving. For him it’s about giving back.

“I wanted to serve the community and still be part of the community and be able to help others. It’s gratifying for me to be able to get somebody to where they need to go and back home,” says Don.

Wildrose Public Transportation also has been approved to provide VA trips.

“If people have a need to get there, we will try to work it out to get them there,” says Hartman.

Whatever the occasion, having reliable transportation is always key.

To find the full bus schedule, you can visit wildrosepublictransport.com.