Wild Rose Boutique thinks big, acts small

BISMARCK, N.D. - The tiny house movement is when people live simply in a home that is under 500 square feet. A new store in Kirkwood Mall is about half that size and making the most of the space.

Wild Rose Boutique opened it's doors in October. Ten years ago it was home to Gartner's shoe hospital. Now, the space sells women's clothing and accessories.

Wild Rose Boutique is located between Herberger's and Mid Dakota Clinic.

Store owner Wanda Holte previously ran Junkin Java coffee shop for nearly 50 years.

She came up with the idea for her tiny store when she walked by the empty space.

“I saw this little spot and thought. 'wow that would be really cute for a little boutique,'” said Holte.

For the past 10 years the 320 square foot space was used for storage and vending machines. Now, it's a women's boutique complete with a dressing room.

“She came to us with this concept and she wanted to do it. She loves being in the mall, she's been a Kirkwood shopper for many many years. So she knows exactly what she wants as a shopper which is now what she is doing in the store,” said Brooke Miller, specialty leasing manager.

Holte gets her clothes from Texas, Florida, California and Vegas but she only buys a couple items in each size so customers feel unique.

“When you see a cute outfit, not everyone is going to have it,” said Holte.

“It's a little bit more specific to what their brand line would be and also you don't see it in every other store,” said Pat Jesse, Kirkwood Mall customer for 30 years.

Holte named the store after her German Shepherd, Rose, and has more renovations in store for the Spring.

Holte is not only the store owner, but a designer, too.

She makes her own leather cuffs.

Each one takes her about 45 minutes and costs about ten dollars to make.

Wild Rose Boutique is open regular mall hours and closed on Sundays.​