Why Minot for State of the State? Burgum responds

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MINOT, N.D. - After Gov. Doug Burgum's address we were able to speak with him shortly before he set off on a campus tour with MSU students, and we got to ask him the question so many people wanted to know.

Why did he chose Minot for this year's state of the state address?

"For our state to reach its fullest potential we have to have our communities reach their fullest potential and if we take a look at Minot, it's history, the airbase, the university, what it has gone through with the flooding, it's role in supporting the oil boom, it's just a very strategic community," said Burgum.

The governor also spoke out on the challenges his administration faced in 2017, and offered insight of the vision he has for the new year.

"If you look back at the last year and you take the Dakota Access Pipeline Protests, the Budget Crisis, the Drought Crisis and the FM Diversion Crisis, we had to manage four really significant crisises and keep running government and keep trying to look to the future so we look forward to 2018 with a few less crisises to manage and we can really drive our five strategic initiatives" said Burgum.