White House announces removal of tariffs against Canada and Mexico

The White House, Photo Date: 5/25/008 / Cropped Photo: AgnosticPreachersKid / Wikipedia / CC BY-SA 3.0 / (MGN)

WASHINGTON - The White House says it's lifting aluminum and steel tariffs on Canada and Mexico.

In return, those countries will drop the tariffs they placed on our agriculture products.

Senator John Hoeven said in a statement:

“Lifting the steel and aluminum tariffs is important both for manufacturers and for our agriculture producers who were impacted by increased prices and retaliatory tariffs, and we appreciate the administration for heeding our call to do so.”

“This action will be helpful in our continued efforts to move the USMCA through Congress. Our farmers and ranchers ultimately need better trade deals, and it’s important that we finalize this agreement, as well as our ongoing negotiations with nations like China and Japan, as soon as possible.”

Senator Kevin Cramer said in a statement:

“This is encouraging news for the North Dakota industries who felt the pain of these tariffs and an important step towards approving USMCA. The threat of limited market access and greater uncertainty caused by these tariffs, enacted during USMCA negotiations, will no longer be a concern. If approved, this trade agreement is a resounding win for North Dakota, which exported nearly $5 billion in goods to Canada and Mexico last year; the deal includes fixes to grain grading for our farmers, and automotive and machinery provisions that will help our manufacturing workforce. I am encouraged by this development, and I urge the administration to continue working with Congress to pass USMCA as soon as possible.”