Wheels for Work helps those in need get back on the road

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a car to get to and from work, which can make life even more difficult. One local non-profit is trying to help those in need of a lift.

Wheels for Work is a program is focused on one thing: getting those in need back on the road.

Getting a car for Christmas can be a dream come true. These four vehicles will make that wish a reality.

Kaylee Duppong donated a car to the Wheels for Work Program. It provides transportation to many low-income people, some of whom are single parents.

"They were either getting rides from a family member, borrowing a car, walking to work . They were still getting to those jobs even though they didn't have transportation. But we are just making it a little easier for them now," says Sarah Carlson, Executive Director, CCO Inc.

The keys to the donated vehicles will put people on the road to self-reliance

"If I can't get to work, I can't pay my bills. If I can't get my son to daycare, I can't go to work, and then I can't pay my bills. So having a reliable form of transportation helps with that," says Marie Hetzel, recipient.

"Saving me money on cabs to go grocery shopping, city buses to go where I need to go. When you don't have your own vehicle and you don't have transportation, it takes a burden on you," says Mark Johnston, recipient.

Those who donate vehicles see first hand that in giving, you receive.

"A lot more people should try and give as much as they possibly can. It's important for people our age to build it up," says Duppong.

This year, 24 people received a Wheels for Work vehicle and the program paid for the car repairs of 64 others.

There are still many applicants waiting for wheels hoping their dreams come true in 2017.

To donate a vehicle, please contact CCO, Inc. at 226-2488.