'Wheeler Heeler' Patton keeps his herd in check

Published: May. 16, 2018 at 2:36 PM CDT
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People love their pets, but you don't have to be an animal owner to appreciate the companionship between Korby Kost and his amazing furry friend Patton.

Kost owns and runs a feedlot in Carrington, but not all by himself.

Dogs are unconditionally loyal. They provide companionship and can also be an inspiration.

This dog has no trouble standing on his own two feet.

Patton is the top dog on this farm.

"He earned that name after he got run over, he's pretty tough," said Kost.

Patton lost his front legs in a farming accident a couple years ago. Losing a couple limbs hasn't slowed him down.

"He's a Blue Heeler, and we call him the wheeler heeler," said Kost.

This custom made mobility cart allows him to run free.

"He loves it, it's what he lives for. Yeah, loves chasing cattle," said Kost.

A herd of cattle is no match for a two-legged dog, with a huge heart.

With all of his surgeries, and the two-wheeled herding harness, Korby Kost has spent 5 thousand dollars keeping Patton going, and going, and going.

"I always say he's like a pull tab machine, I'm in too deep to quit now," said Kost.

"He gets their attention. He'll show them who's boss," said Kost.

Moving cattle from pen to pen is this dog's life.

"He gets away with a lot more than a normal dog would. He's a pretty spoiled dog. Still loves what he does, never holds back, and the only thing he don't like is getting left behind," said Kost.

Patton has never heeled to his handicap.

Patton has become a local celebrity.

Customers who deliver livestock to the feed lot in Carrington, take pictures with Patton. Including this trucker from Oklahoma who has a prosthetic leg.

Patton doesn't just herd cattle. Korby says his two legged friend loves wrestling with the neighbor's dog.