What happens to arrests made by law enforcement officials charged with crimes?

BISMARCK, N.D. - At least four North Dakota law enforcement officers have been charged with crimes in the last year.

They include Beulah police officer Dustin Pekas, for sex-related charges; former Wells County Sheriff Johnny Lawson on drug related charges; Burleigh County Deputy Kerry Komrosky for drug related charges and Williston police officer Bryton Dahl for solicitation of a minor.

When an officer or deputy is arrested, what happens to all the arrests they made before their own?

The most recent law enforcement official in the hot seat, Kerry Komrosky, is having his cases reviewed by the Burleigh County State's Attorney's office.

A defense attorney says Komrosky's arrest made a difference for one of his clients.

Officers often go through many cases during their tenure.

In the former Burleigh County Sheriff's deputy Komrosky's situation the department is unsure of how many cases exactly he has been involved in. Saying it's not a statistic or report they keep. And cannot look up or generate.

A criminal attorney in Bismarck says there's probably a concern in all cases involving Komrosky.

"In the case that I just resolved, which was a serious felony case. It was a drug case. I'm not sure had we actually taken the case to trial that having the problems with deputy Komrosky would've changed much. But, knowing that there was potential problems, the prosecution was willing to work on resolution," said criminal attorney Chad McCabe.

The state's attorney's office says they're currently sorting through his cases.

Burleigh State's Attorney's Office senior assistant Julie Lawyer said, "Determining what his involvement was and then determining at that point what is going to happen in each case."

She say this will help them determine if his charges will affect the case.

Lawyer says when issues like this come up, they try to review them as quickly as possible so they're taking care of any issues that come up with law enforcement or other witnesses.