Wet weather in Minot impacting harvest

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MINOT, N.D.- The Minot area has seen its fair share of rain in the past couple weeks. This is causing problems for farmers harvesting their crops.

Right now, farmers are in the midst of harvesting their small grains like wheat and barley, but the wet weather could be hurting these crops.

“If it continues to be in a wet cycle and we start getting sprouting or deterioration in grain quality that certainly can have an issue,” said research agronomist Eric Eriksmoen.

The North Central Research Extension Center south of Minot says they plant crops every year to study how they behave in this environment.

They also study how moisture can impact crops once they've been stored.

“With a wet crop, we're concerned about molding. What we try and do is dry that grain as best as we can. Most of our grain bins today have aeration systems so we can put that air on them and help to dry that grain out,” Eriksmoen said.

Eriksmoen says that the wet weather is most likely to increase commodity prices for the consumer if continued moisture damages the supply.

Eriksmoen says while the rain can hurt small grain and seed plants, it's impact is not nearly as bad on crops like corn and sunflowers.