Watford City woman faces terrorizing charge for threatening wife, children of Lt. Governor-elect Brent Sanford

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WATFORD CITY, ND - A Watford City woman is facing a felony terrorizing charge on accusations that she threatened the wife and children of then-mayor and now Lt. Governor-elect Brent Sanford.

A warrant was issued last month to arrest Alice Olson. Court documents show the 79-year-old attended the City Council meeting in October and was extremely upset and began shouting. She was reprimanded by Sanford.

Documents show Olson would then go to Sanford home and she told his wife that the children were in danger. She would go onto to say if anyone came close to the residence, they could take the children and never see them again.

Court documents say Olson might have had a firearm with her as she was patting the left side of her body.

If convicted, Olson could serve a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.