Watford City to build new Veterans Park

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WATFORD CITY, N.D. - Veterans in McKenzie County are looking to update their current veteran’s park.

It’s a park that has been put to good use through the years.

“We just thought it was time," says Jerry Samuelson, McKenzie Co. Veterans Service Officer.

And now, the McKenzie County veterans want to build a new park that they think will stand out.

“Veterans in our community think it’s going to be a very worthwhile project, and we are going to raise as much funding as we possibly can,” says Samuelson.

The project is expected to cost $2.5 million, and park organizers have already raised $1 million.

“I think they have come with a unit that is perfectly designed for McKenzie County,” says Loren Berwald, World War II Veteran.

Organizers started this project almost two years ago. The park will have a water feature with an eternal flame, granite monuments with more than 1,200 veteran names, along with flag poles and park benches.

“The community and all of the veteran families will have a place where they can go to and look back see their veteran relative on this display,” says Dennis Johnson, Vietnam Veteran.

Construction is expected to start next spring.

If you want to donate to the park, visit, WatfordCityVeteransPark.com.