Watford City students learn farm to table concepts during Living Ag Day

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WATFORD CITY, N.D. - Tuesday in Watford City, some fourth graders found out where some of their favorite foods come from.

With fewer children living on the farm, many don't understand how food gets to the table.

"It is extremely important for kids to understand about agriculture, and I hope that events like this can become more established in schools' curriculum," says Morgan Myers, NDSU McKenzie Co. Agent.

Students break down a pizza into components like dough, dairy, meat and sugar and find out how North Dakota contributes to each one.

"It's really cool how they got to see what we produce here in North Dakota and how that can go together to make a pizza," says Miranda Fehilly, Watford City fourth grade teacher.

For a changing region, it's helpful to gain new perspectives.

"I think especially here in Watford City, we have a diverse group of kids and for them to really realize what we have here in our state is really neat," says Myers.

And kids love the opportunity to learn about their food.

"I live on a ranch, and I like to learn about the stuff that I do and stuff," says Kari Hepper, fourth grader.

This is the second year students in McKenzie County have had their own Living Ag Day.

Students will come to Williston Wednesday and Thursday.