Watford City police chief addresses problems due to increasing population

WATFORD CITY, N.D. - The Watford City Police Department says with the city's increasing population, they are now facing a couple of significant problems.

Watford City Police Chief Shawn Doble says that traffic and crash-related cases are the biggest issue.

"We focus on drunk driving, and then occupant protection. We focus a lot on areas that we have high traffic, and try to enforce laws. If people need help we try to get it to them," said Doble.

Their other most pressing issue is the increased number of drug-related cases.

"The extra money and the extra population that followed the oilfield growth has drawn in a lot of different drugs like meth, some heroine, some cocaine, and a lot of marijuana. So we have a lot of issues dealing with people who are either addicted or trafficking and those things,” says Chief Doble.

The police in Watford City are working closely with narcotics and FBI task forces.

Doble said: "No one cooks meth locally anymore, it's brought in from other places. So how is it being trafficked? How is that network working to affect us? And we try to interdict that stuff. By doing that, it cuts down on the crime that is associated with that."

As Watford City continues to grow, the Police Department says that they are focused on keeping citizens safe and improving the quality of life for everyone in the community.