Watford City man camps being cleared after years of vacancy

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WATFORD CITY, N.D. - A vacant man camp near Watford City is finally being dealt with.

The Great American Lodge was closed almost two years ago after the managers were found to be running a ponzi scheme.

Since then the more than 600 rooms have sat here abandoned. A new developer had hoped to remove the buildings last summer, but delays have forced them to wait until recently.

The buildings are being sold to companies across the country. McKenzie County officials are happy to see the project moving in the right direction.

"It was unfortunately kind of an eye-sore just sitting up there on the hill. The fact that we're moving in a direction where hopefully it can be a useful part of the county, help in the economic base of the county, is all beneficial," says Jim Talbert, McKenzie County Planning and Zoning Director.

Talbert says it could take as long as a year to remove the buildings. With infrastructure already in place, there's hope the site will be developed again in the future.