Watford City hosts 2nd College Application Day

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WATFORD CITY, N.D. - A few weeks ago, Williston hosted a College Application Day for high school seniors. Thursday was Watford City's turn.

Unlike most schools in the state, Watford City can call this their Second Annual College Application Day.

"One of the first three in North Dakota. Last year we tried it and it went really well, kids loved it, the community loved it, so we decided to do it again. And many more schools are on board this year," says Ame Trull, WCHS Counselor

The Bank of North Dakota pays the fee for each student to apply to one in-state school of their choice.

"If kids have already applied to a college, they can research housing, scholarships, financial aid, any kind of program they want to study at the college," says Trull.

Faculty from several colleges were on hand to help answer questions and guide students through the process.

"The event is just geared to getting students to college. And this is one of the initial steps in the process and sparking an interest in seniors before their spring semester," says Jackson Wandler, Admissions Rep, U-Mary.

And students like the ability to talk with each other about their futures.

"Just to get other ideas from other people, maybe to know where you want to go or if they have ideas about that other college," says Kallen LaDue, senior.

The event provides a unique opportunity for students who might not take advantage otherwise.

"So these kids get time with adults during class to complete the entire process, which is huge. They don't usually dedicate that time outside," says Trull.

The intent is that College Application Day will help students take an important next step in continuing their education. Schools across the state have participated in similar events all month long.