Watford City Event Center construction makes progress

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The Williston Area Recreational Center was considered a crown jewel when it opened two years ago, now construction of a similar facility is going on in Watford City.

The Watford City Event Center has made a lot of progress since breaking ground last spring.

And some of the notable features of the building are starting to become recognizable.

"Building finishes are going on right now. Those are the major milestones, the pool, the ice arena startup, just general finishes throughout the building," said Chad Larson, senior project manager.

The center will have an ice rink, basketball courts, a miniature water park, baseball and softball diamonds and the football field for the neighboring Watford City High School. When completed, the building will provide a gathering place for the community.

"I've got four kids. So it's great that I can drop off one kid at the pool, another one can be at figure skating while another can be at gymnastics. All in one facility, all at the same time," Flint Christensen, Facility Manager

And officials are hoping it provides a destination for the growing part of the region.

"For the region, it really grows Watford City on the map. This event center is meant to be a regional powerhouse. Everything from concerts to industry trainings to expos," said Christensen.

As Watford City evolves, the community is hoping this facility will be the shining star on the hill for years to come

Construction is expected to be completed in mid-September.