Water rationing in effect in Minot

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A temporary water ration has been put into effect for the city of Minot after a piece of equipment malfunctioned.

Early this morning, the 12 million gallon basin at the Minot Water Treatment Plant was shut down.

The Public Works assistant director says that the scraper at the bottom of the basin is not working properly.

He explained that in order to soften the water, they add LIME to it, and as it precipitates, sludge is built up at the bottom of the basin.

He says that to prevent the sludge from building up, a scraper moves it towards the center of the basin to remove it.

"So we need to drain the basin, clean the basin before we get it going again. So that will probably take us, by the time we get it drained repaired, filled up and treating water again it'll probably be about 3 days," said Jason Sorenson, Public Works Assistant Director.

He asks that while this temporary ban is in effect, Minot residents avoid watering their lawns and washing their cars. Water usage for showering, laundry and daily needs is still permitted.