Water main break in Mandan shuts off water for hours

Crew working to get water back up and running.
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MANDAN, N.D. - A water main broke Saturday morning on 8 Ave. NW in Mandan.

The break just off of Main Street was called in around 9:30 am.

Crews got to the scene and shut off water in the area around 10:30 am and worked throughout the day.

Eighth was closed between main street and First street until work was completed.

"Where it comes up in one spot it could mean that the break is 10 ft. back with the water just traveling through weaker parts in the ground. So we're trying to figure out where the break is at in the main. Then we'll dig down to the main, clear the area around it, and then put what they call a sleeve on," said Robert Shelton, Utility Department Equipment Operator.

The crew estimated that the project will be finished by seven Saturday evening but residents in the area say their water was up and running by 5:30.