Water ban caused TGU Granville School to close Monday

MINOT, N.D. - Residents of Granville are no longer under a water use ban, as of around 1 p.m. this afternoon, following repairs to the town's water tower, but a boil order remains in effect.

City leaders put the ban in place over the weekend following a loss of water pressure and ongoing issues repairing the tower.

The ban impacted the whole community, including the school, where students had the day off.

The halls of TGU Granville School were quiet Monday--that's because classes were canceled after the City of Granville did not have access to water.

Hallways like this one are covered in red saran wrap and do not use signs. It covers the bathrooms and even the water fountains so students know not to drink the water.

“It's one of those things where you don't realize how much you use things until you don't have it. The ability to have kids brains hydrated with water is just so very important,” said Tonya Hunskor, the K-12 principal.

The City's water tower was damaged and as a result residents were placed under a water usage ban.

"The flushing of the toilets, the cleaning of our fresh fruits and vegetables that we put on our salad bar every day. The cleaning of our dishes. All of those things that are just so meaningful in the functioning of our day when we have little kids around,” said Tonya Hunskor.

And kids need plenty of water to drink, too.

"We are also bringing in a fair amount of bottled water. So that our kitchen and classrooms have water available for students to drink and cook and clean,” said Erik Sveet, superintendent.

More than 70 cases donated to the school, ensuring students will have plenty to quench their thirst.