Warming houses are ready for skaters

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Bismarck ice skating warming houses are ready for the season.

The Bismarck Parks and Recreation Department has made ice for weeks now and they've been cleaning up their warming houses for skaters.

"We have crews come in and make sure everything's good in the warming houses. We typically lay down a protective layer on the ground so people can wear their skates in the warming houses and not damage their skates. Clean things up a little bit, typically set out chairs and organize that," said David Mayer, Bismarck Parks and Recreation Department.

Warming house attendants are at every rink to help skaters be safe, and enjoy they're time on the ice. They even clear off the snow that builds up on the ice.

For a list of the outdoor ice skating rinks in Bismarck, you can go to www.bisparks.org.