Warm weather gets people out in Bismarck

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BISMARCK, N.D. - On a typical Black Friday, shoppers would be lining up early while shivering in their boots. But not this time around. While we did not break a record like we did yesterday, with highs in the 70s, it was still well above average.

Instead of Black Friday shopping, Adam Vasichek and his boy scout troop used the warm weather to raise money.

"It's been a lot easier selling the wreaths because instead of being all bundled up you can't move. But now we can move around and advertise our wreaths,” said Vasichek.

Bismarck has had record breaking temps around Thanksgiving, something that even the youngest of scouts knows is not normal.

"Like at this time of year right after thanksgiving, there's at least like two or three inches of snow on the ground,” said Boy Scout Lukas Dutchuk.

But what caused the heat wave? A warm front, westerly winds and the northern position of the jet stream all made Thanksgiving in Bismarck hotter than Dallas, Texas.

Others decided to take advantage while the weather is still good, because everyone knows winter always wins.

"Had to get out after all that turkey and watching football,” said Jack Holt, who spent the afternoon walking by the Missouri River.

"Looking at the long range forecasts, seems like it's getting colder each day so we'll take it when we get it,” says Mike Andring, who spent his lunch hour by the river.