Ward County leaders deny employee grievance

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MINOT N.D. - For the third time in the past few months, a Ward County employee has been denied a grievance by the county's personnel committee.

The committee had previously denied two grievances from former Ward County Deputy Timothy Poston.

Poston had lodged a sexual harassment grievance against the State's Attorney, and later filed grievance again in objection to his firing.

Last week, John Roll, who had worked with the county for 17 years as a custodian, filed his own grievance, contesting an employee evaluation by his supervisor Leona Lochthowe.

“Leona is what took me over. She got in here and she ruined my reputation that I worked very hard for 17 years, it's not get out and prosper it's get out and don't prosper with her,” said Roll.

During a hearing last week, Roll was given 10 minutes to talk. His lawyer Larry Hellie contested the amount of time, but did not object to the overall evaluation.

“Under the advice of the attorney because have specific details for the grievance which was asked for a number of times. We have not been given sufficient evidence to support your protest for the performance evaluation,” said commission chair Alan Walter.

We have reached out to Lochthowe for comment and are awaiting a response.