Ward County farmers see reprieve on hay bales lost to rights-of-way

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WARD COUNTY, N.D. – It has been a tough season for farmers, but they have a bit of good news to look forward to in Ward County.

The county’s highway department will reimburse them for bales of hay they destroyed that were left to close to the road.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation has burned 20 hay bales since December.

They will give farmers $45 per round bale.

North Dakota law states that hay must be at least 60 feet from roadways for safety reasons.

“These are big round bales left on the edge of the roadway and they become a hazard so if the vehicle was to leave the roadway and hit a round bale it can cause a lot of damage,” said Dana Larsen, with the Ward County Highway Department.

The Highway Department has not yet identified all the owners of the bales.