Ward County farmers learn water tips ahead of spring

MINOT, N.D.- Ward County farmers attending this year's Ag Improvement meeting say they're looking for answers to potential drought forecasts.

"There's always spots on the landscape that have excess water problems," said Tom Scherer, NDSU Extension Ag Engineer.

The biggest move for 2018, managing the water on their land.

"Bottom line, every farmer wants to maximize their yield, and one of the biggest deterrents to having consistent yields, year in and year out, is water management," Scherer said.

Many speakers discussed the 'tiling' method of managing water.

"We have been talking about drought scenarios coming up and whether tiling is actually going to be a hindrance or a benefit to that, and it will absolutely be a benefit," said State Senator Larry Luick, R-Fairmouth.

Luick says he knows first-hand how tiling can improve the land.

"I started tiling in 2003 on my own farmland, and then my neighbors, and then expanded from there," Luick said.

It's a method as old as farming itself.

"It has been going on for thousands of years. The Egyptians used tiling," Luick said.

This old practice could be a stepping stone to new innovations in water retention technology.

"The future trend, I think in the United States, is when we have those periods of excess water, we should be looking to design our landscapes to store that water," Scherer said.

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