Ward County deputy speaks to commissioners about pay

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MINOT N.D. - A Ward County Deputy, who has been at the center of a controversy with the county for the past few months, engaged in a heated back-and-forth with county leaders about his pay Tuesday morning.

Deputy Timothy Poston told county commissioners that he would like to receive back pay for the amount of time he was on unpaid leave.

Poston said he had been put on unpaid leave due to a medication he is taking, which could impact his ability to drive.

Last week, the county's personnel committee request that Poston see a doctor to reevaluate his ability to work, but held off on a decision regarding his pay. Poston says he saw the recommended doctor last night.

“I've gone and seen your doctor, you have the doctors report, you just haven't look through it. The doctors report will tell you whether I can return to duty on light-duty or regular duty that's what you asked the doctor for his opinion on what my status of the duty is. There's still the question of the back-pay and the pay moving forward. Why should I be penalized further when you have the report in hand today?,” said Poston.

Ward County Commission Chair Alan Walter said he had not seen the letter from the recommended doctor stating that whether or not Poston could perform his duties as an officer at work.

“We haven't seen the report, we've got to look at it, and the sheriff has to give us his feelings on it and HR has to give theirs. So once we get that, we can schedule a meeting and get going,” said Walter.

The commissioners said they would have a special meeting regarding Poston's pay sometime later this week.