Ward County deputy continues to push grievances

MINOT, N.D. - Deputy Timothy Poston approached the county commissioners three times, only to be denied a chance to speak each time.

“You're denying my request to be on the agenda?” said Poston.
“Yes, I am” said Chairman Larry Louser.
“As a citizen of ward county?” responded Poston.
“I am” said Louser.

This was Poston's third attempt overall to address claims of harassment against the state's attorney and discrimination against his boss, the sheriff.

“My understanding is, any citizen of Ward County can come before the commission. It's my belief that they are breaking the law by denying my appearance at this commission,” said Poston.

Poston said his attorney tried to contact the county's attorney five times, but never received a response.

“Today, I would like to have spoke about the letter that was to be received and filed, that they chose to put into our personnel records instead of receive and file,” said Poston.

Poston's attorney's letter appeared on the meeting agenda, but the commission moved to file the letter and refused to hear him speak.

“That's a personnel issue, and our attorney has advised us not to have you on there,” said Louser.

As he continued to try to talk, Commissioner Weppler moved to recess, and Louser asked Sheriff Barnard to remove Poston from the room.

“They've asked you to leave. They're in control of the meeting. The chairman has asked you to stop speaking, so please stop speaking and have a seat,” said Barnard.

The commissioners adjourned as Poston made his final attempt to talk.

The commission chairperson typically reserves the right to manage the monthly meetings.

We reached out to Chairman Louser and Sheriff Barnard, but they declined to comment at the advice of their attorney.

We also reached out to State’s Attorney Roza Larson and are awaiting a response.