Ward County appoints Dr. Gary Wease as new coroner

MINOT, N.D.- Ward County hired a new coroner as they renew their annual contract with Trinity.

Dr. Gary Wease will step in as the new county coroner after Sheriff Bob Barnard requested a motion be passed making Wease the coroner for Ward County.

Wease will be surrounded by a team of other coroners to help care for the whole county.

“Along with myself, we have four deputy coroners that are going to be working together. We've got Dr. Kindy, Dr. Tourneau, Dr. Schnell, and Dr. Mullen,” said Dr. Wease.

Before coming to Minot and Trinity health, Dr. Wease practiced 16 years at McLaren Regional Medical Center in Flint, Mich., and served as director for both bariatric surgery and the trauma center.