Ward County Middle School students compete in MathCounts

MINOT, N.D. - Seventh and eigth Graders across Ward County who excel at math showcased their talents in a nationwide competition today.

Erik Ramstad student Colby Opp says he's excited to be competing in the MathCounts competition. Colby says at times it's been easy, at times tough.

"Interesting, it's like hard, but then some of them are easy. It’s all over," said Opp.

Memorial Middle School student Marissa Campbell has competed before and she says she's hoping to make state this year.

"I just like math. It's always been my strongest subject, and something I just love to do," said Campbell

Opp and Campbell are two of roughly 40 competitors. The goal is to create an interest in math among young students.

"MathCounts was started by engineers in order to promote students to look into math type fields degrees, like engineering or those types of professions," said Jodi Johnson.

Individual written tests gave way to a group test later in the morning. Opp says he prefers one over the other.

"The team, because it's like you have to do it on your own and then you can bounce ideas off other people and it works better," said Opp.

Johnson says the students really look forward to this event.

"I'm happy that the schools here today decided to send their student and let them excel and compete in something they are good at. Kids get lots of attention for things like sports and different things, and I want to promote academic type things," said Johnson.

By participating in a competition like MathCounts, these students are able to apply for college scholarship.

From today's competition, the top two teams and the top eight individuals will qualify for the state competition in Bismarck.
Students can advance all the way to nationals in Washington DC.