Ward County Juvenile Detention Center reshaping staff

MINOT, N.D.- The Ward County Juvenile Detention Center is restructuring its staff in an effort to retain employees.

The County Commissioners approved the change at Tuesday morning's meeting.

The Ward County J.D.C. will move from six part-time positions to two part-time and two full-time positions.

J.D.C. administrator Mark Schrader says this will help solve employee retainment struggles by cutting the amount of part-time positions and replacing them with full-time.

“The full-timers are working overtime. The two part-timers that we have are working overtime. We're doing whatever we can to keep the doors open,” said Schrader.

Schrader also said this should have no negative impact on the budget, but will have a huge impact on the J.D.C.'s staff retainment.