Ward County Deputy says he was put unfairly on unpaid leave

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MINOT N.D. - A Ward County Deputy, who has been at the center of a controversy with the county for the past few months, engaged in a heated back-and-forth with county leaders Thursday afternoon.

Deputy Timothy Poston told the county's personnel committee that Sheriff Bob Barnard unfairly put him on unpaid leave and requested back-pay.

Poston had lodged complaints against Barnard as well as the county state's attorney.

Poston said a medication he is taking that could impact his ability to drive may have impacted the sheriff's decision.

“Right now, the issue at hand is that I want to get paid, guys. I'm not getting a payday on the 15th because the sheriff decided and I've asked for the records from Colleen. She has no records, it's based on a conversation she's had with the sheriff that I am not to be paid on the 15th,” said Poston.

Ward County Commission Chair Alan Walter, who's also a member of the committee, said they had not received a letter from Poston's doctor stating that Poston could perform his duties as an officer at work.

“If Mr. Poston had brought in a letter from a doctor on this medication, because he's the one that brought it up, we wouldn't be sitting here. But we've never seen that, all we've got is his word,” said Walter.

The committee recommended that a doctor reevaluate Poston's ability to work but held off on a decision regarding his pay until next week's commissioner's meeting.

Barnard declined to comment at the advice of an attorney.