Ward County Commissioners moved to put weather modification on the ballot

BERTHOLD, N.D. - The Ward County Commissioners moved to put weather modification on the ballot.

Voters will decide in June if the county will continue to participate in the program.

Cale Neshem says he gets a good look at cloud seeding planes flying around from his farm in Berthold.

“A lot of the times they fly just west of Berthold. You know you see their twin rotor planes come through here all the time. They're a medium sized aircraft. I'd say they're very noticeable,” said Cale Neshem.

Neshem says he's skeptical of the results of the weather mod program and showed me how he tracks when the planes go up.

Planes will fly through clouds that are good candidates to seed, and spray silver-iodide with the goal of enhancing rainfall and suppressing hail.

But not all clouds are good candidates.

“They don't necessarily seed all the clouds that they fly up next too or underneath. They only pick the ones they think would have the best chance at success,” said UND Atmospheric Sciences Department Chair, Michael Poellot.

Poellot says that cloud seeding shouldn't impact where it rains, only how much.

“They're actually trying to increase the amount from an individual cloud. Not take it away or have it fall somewhere and not fall somewhere else,” said Poellot.

Neshem says he hopes people will take it upon themselves to learn ahead of the June vote.

“I hope they go and do their own research and inform themselves to gather their own idea from that,” said Neshem.

Using the voting booth, to voice their opinion.

Follow this link to see the Stanley seed tracking radar: http://www.swc.nd.gov/arb/loop.phtml?radar=stanley