Ward County Commission elects new positions, talks cloud modification

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MINOT N.D. - The Ward County Commissioners met for their first December meeting this morning.

They appointed new positions, and also took up discussion on cloud modification.

The Dec. 4 meeting kicked off with the vote for New Chairman and Vice Chair.

Shelly Weppler took the vote 4 to 1 for Chairman.

She takes the position over from former chairman Alan Walter.

The commission heard from Darin Langerud with the final report of the 2018 North Dakota Cloud modifications project.

It was said that a study will be performed this winter by the NDSU Ag Department.

Langerud says that results will become available in two to three months.

Here's an explanation of what that study will consist of.

"So there was a study that was done is 2009, we've referenced those numbers several times over the years. What they'll be doing is updating that methodology and looking at the ecomonic benefits or model that they run but they'll be updating it with the most updated tenure of data. So what are the yeilds, what are the crops grown in the area they're evaluating? There have been some changes to crops in Ward County and the western part of the state. There's more corn and soy beans and stuff growing out here now than there was ten, twenty years ago," said Langerud.

Some other housekeeping news, the commission voted that beginning in 2019, meetings will continue to be held on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

However an exception has been made for the month of January.

The first meeting of the new year will be held at 9 AM on Wednesday, Jan. 2.