Wachter Middle School faculty, staff hold parade

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Teachers all across North Dakota are surprising their students with car parades. Faculty and staff get in cars and drive by their students houses to let them know they are missed. Wachter Middle School had a parade Thursday.

Students we're eagerly waiting outside for their teachers to pass by as the sound of bells and horns filled the streets.

Wachter seventh grader Jordyn Pierce said, "It feels really nice that the teachers are thinking about us and I just want them to know that most of their students are thinking about them to and it's really nice to see other people besides your family that are thinking and supporting you."

The school resource officer, teachers, and one of the assistant principals all geared up and created signs and wrote on their cars all to show how much they really miss their students.

Assistant Principal Angie Edinger said, "I think it's important for, for our teachers to see the kids and the kids to see the teachers because there's been a lot of great relationships and conversations that have happened over the last six months, I think we're trying to fill that void today in a short two hours"

Faculty and staff hope this brought a little joy to their students day.