Wachter Middle School band performs virtual concert

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 8:43 PM CDT
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Kids missed out on a lot of spring activities this year, because the coronavirus. But, during this pandemic, teachers got creative and found ways to keep some traditions alive, even during distance learning. One middle school band teacher managed to do a modified spring concert.

It wasn’t the end of the year performance Wachter Middle School band director David Augustadt or his students expected. Determined to hear his students play one more time, Mr. Augustadt came up with the idea to record a virtual concert.

One hundred thirty students in grades six, seven and eight recorded themselves playing the same song from “The Avengers.”

It wasn’t easy.

“It was a little weird,” said Brooke Bondley, and eighth grade French horn player.

“It was weird. You only hear your part,” added seventh grader Bentley Wipperling, who plays the tuba.

“It was kind of nerve-wracking,” admits sixth grade flutist Taylor Cavett.

It took a few tries to get it right.

“It took me about 47 tries!” laughed Wipperling.

Each student submitted their part to Mr. Augustadt, who then spent more hours than he can count editing it all into one performance.

“I didn’t dare log the hours,” said David Augustadt, band director at Wachter middle school. “It was cool to see it all come together. I knew the students would do great.”

Wrapping up an entire year of learning into one minute and 55 seconds.

You can see the entire performance on You Tube – just search David Augustadt.