WWII veteran shares his memories for Veteran's Day

MINOT, N.D.- Melvin Jensrud fought for the United States in World War II. This California native lives in Minot now, and at 94 years young, he stays remarkably humble.

“The ones that help take care of us should have a blue ribbon for the work that they do to help take care of us older people,” said Jensrud.

Jensrud, who was stationed at Fort Snelling but also spent time in North Dakota, elaborated on what this day means to him.

“My brother was in the Navy, and he said you have a place to sit and eat, you got a bed to sleep in, so I did the same thing,” he said.

Jensrud has great appreciation for the people who serve him at the Minot Health and Rehab Center

“Now I’m at Minot Health and Rehab Center and the people here treat me very well,” he said.

On a weekend reserved for honoring people like Melvin, he spent time telling me how much he appreciated people no longer in his life.

“Someday my wife and I will be together again. We were married for 72 years, and I enjoyed every minute of that,” recalled Jensrud.

Melvin is a last of his kind; the only World War II veteran he knows.

“I don’t know of any other World War II veterans that I talk to,” he said.

But he is also a one of a kind person, not only for his service, but for how he pays the love forward.