Winter warriors hand out school meals

BISMARCK, N.D. - With the snow storm like on Thursday, many would've been praying for a snow day. Kids might be out, but parents and school employees are at the schools... outside.

As the snow blasts across the Century High School parking lot, a group of four stands in the middle. Protected by a bus and more than 100 school meals.

"Some days there have been a little bit of rain. Today, however, we didn't prepare for a snow storm the second of April. And if it had shown up yesterday, we could've said 'April Fools,’” Terri Delzer said.

They call themselves "Team Sandwich", and they're responsible for handing out 115 meals to parents and students. As they drive up to the bus, they bring out the food. Rain or shine...or blizzard.

"The experience for handing out the lunches has really been great. The community has been so nice when they pull up to the curb as we're handing them their meals. They're always so appreciative. So grateful,” Delzer said.

Answering the call to help others.