Volunteers paint fire hydrants for Magic Day of Giving

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MINOT, N.D. - Once again, Magic Day of Giving took place in Minot. Volunteers across town took on a number of community project.

"This is about to be a blast, we're about to paint the city red,” said Jasmine Williams, a volunteer.

Friends Jasmine Williams and Daisy Simmons were two of the volunteers for Magic Day of Giving. The pair was assigned to paint the red fire hydrants along Broadway.

"This is really cool. The fact that I am just out here on a Friday in the middle of traffic and construction painting a fire hydrant is kind of great,” said Simmons.

These first-time volunteers had some early jitters.

"I was kind of nervous at first. Actually seeing that we are going to be on Broadway. I'm like we are on the main road in town. I'm like, 'ahhh!'” said Jasmine Williams.

But, once they got going, Williams says the nerves turned to excitement.

"Growing up in cities, you they don't trust the citizens to do it because there is just so many people. So, it is just like anything could happen. So, it is pretty cool that Minot lets the people that live here be a part of the community,” said Williams.

Sanding off the old and brushing on the new, Simmons says allowed them to instantly feel they were making a difference.

"I am going to drive past this, this is the main road. I'll drive past these fire hydrants all the time and just feel that satisfaction like hey! I made it a little prettier in Minot,” said Simmons.

Helping out their community. one brush stroke at a time.

Magic Day of giving happens every year across the city, if you missed out on this year you can volunteer for next year.