Volunteers make sure food finds hungry mouths instead of the trash can

Published: Nov. 13, 2016 at 2:15 PM CST
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Day old bread is destined to become the toast someone's breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's headed to people who normally can't afford the simple pleasure of enjoying a slice of baked wheat, yeast and flour. LeAna Hug delivers perishable food to agencies that put the fresh food to good use.

"They are so thankful to get it, they are so very thankful," says Hug, an RSVP volunteer.

After bagging and loading the donations, LeAna makes deliveries all over town.

"We don't want to throw anything away and we just ask that they don't either and the organizations here in Bismarck are so good about sharing and giving between the different groups that I rest well at night knowing it's getting to the right people," says John Lee, owner of Bread Poets Baking Company.

LeAna's weekly drop offs take her to the Salvation Army, the Abused Adult Resource Center and the Bismarck High School Starfish project, a program that feeds 9th grade students and helps to keep kids in school who don't always get three meals a day.

"They are dropping out of school and having to go to work to provide fro their families so this is one way we feel we can take a little burden off of them if we provide some food here at school," says Lea Geis of the Bismarack High School Starfish Program.

Adults in domestic abuse shelters also appreciate the assistance.

"It's amazing. It's things these individuals don't normally have so it's a nice gift from Bread Poets or whoever else is donating at the moment that these families get fresh food" says Shantelle Docter of the Abused Adult Resource Center.

LeAna logs more than 8000 miles a year delivering food and says, "It never gets old helping people, never gets old."

Thank's to LeAna and donations from businesses, perishable food never gets old before it gets into the hands of people who can use a helping hand.