Volunteers brave cold weather to walk shelter dogs

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Come rain, snow or shine the dogs, out at the Central Dakota Humane Society need to be walked.

They have a number of volunteers that brave the weather out at the Humane Society to take care of some furry friends.

Darrell Njos has been walking dogs here for a decade. He retired from his job as a salesman and decided he needed exercise, but not on a treadmill. So, he walks dogs.

"They never have excuses for not going for a walk. If you walk with somebody, they're going to the doctor or they've got company, but these dogs are ready to go," said Njos.

Njos is just on of the many volunteers who spend time at the shelter.

​The humane society holds training courses for their walkers on the second Saturday of every month.

People need to call ahead to sign up for the session.