Vigil planned in Minot for victims of Las Vegas shooting

MINOT, N.D. - The Minot couple that survived the Las Vegas shooting says they're now in the midst of organizing a vigil to honor those who didn't make it out alive.

Laura Schnieberbruns and Casey Bruns survived the attack on Oct. 1.

As soon as they returned to Minot, Laura began looking in to how to honor those who died.

She and others are planning a vigil at the Minot High School football field later this month.

As it turns out, Minot is one of 115 communities across the country who will be holding vigils at the same time.

“As we got through the process and I started looking up things, started contacting people, interacting with other individuals, it has basically gone nationwide,” said Laura.

The vigil is planned for Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. at Duane Carlson stadium.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own candle for the vigil.

Also, if you'd like to show support for the mental health treatment for survivors of the attack, you can purchase wristbands from Laura and Casey.

You can message “Laura Schnieberbruns” on Facebook to learn more.