Video game retailers see surge in business

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While stuck indoors, many people are turning to video games to pass the time.

Employees at Rock 30 Games say business is booming.

They say last week they saw three times the amount of people walk through the door looking for at-home entertainment.
Assistant Manager Allen Blair says he saw more families coming in than ever before.

"It's a lot of hours that you can do at home and it passes the time rather quickly. There is those eight hour binges that happen. So, when you look at the time, you're like, 'oh, I didn't realize the quarantine wasn't that bad,'" Blair said.

The store has also made changes to keep their customers safe. Employees spend three hours a day disinfecting the ins and outs of every single case and piece of merchandise.
Store hours have changed to limit interaction and promote social distancing.

Rock 30 Games is also hiring. You can find open positions on their Facebook page.