Vice President Pence in Minot

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We will have ongoing coverage throughout the day of Vice President Pence's visit to Minot, including live broadcasting his speech at approximately 2:00 p.m. CST.

Mike Pence’s visit to Minot Air Force Base is the latest in a series of high-profile visits to the base over the past three years. Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel visited the base in 2014. Another former defense secretary, Ash Carter, visited the base last year. And the current defense secretary, Jim Mattis, visited the base last month.

Pence’s visit comes at a tense time around the world, with the back-and-forth between the United States and North Korea. President Trump has touted our military strength when referencing North Korea.

Minot Air Force Base is a unique military installation. It carries two ‘legs’ of the nuclear triad—land and air. The base includes the 91st missile wing, which includes the minuteman missiles underground spread out across rural North Dakota… and the 5th Bomb Wing, which includes the B-52 bombers.

B-52’s from Minot Air Force Base deployed to the Middle East in March to join operations in fighting ISIS.

Minot Air Force Base was officially activated as one of the country’s military bases in January of 1957 and is vital to the economy of Minot. It brings in more than $500 million annually to the local economy. A group of civic leaders called “task force 21” visit Washington, D.C. at least once a year to push for funding for the base.