Veterans presented with handmade quilts

The North Dakota chapter of Quilts of Valor has awarded 90 quilts to veterans since 2018. Volunteers presented six of those Friday afternoon.

Six different veterans, each with six different stories.

"My biggest battle was the Battle of the Bulge," Harold Hepper, a World War II veteran said.

"I was over in Korea in 1950," Robert Mazurek, a Korean War veteran said.

"I was an aircraft mechanic," Merwyn Krein, also a Korean War Veteran said.

Quilts of Valor volunteers wrapped each of these retired servicemen in love and support as they were presented with handmade quilts.

"It's just a way of saying thank you to all of the veterans out there. It's a small token to say thank you to these veterans," Lou Ann Lee, a Quilts of Valor volunteer said.

Veterans who made extreme sacrifices for their country.

"I was wounded, it was my right shoulder, and I have a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star," Hepper said.

These men never hesitated to serve.

"My dad said, 'well, Merwyn, we're living in the best country in all the world,' he said, 'let's do our part.' So, I signed up then,” Krein said.

Even in times of recognition, these vets always remain humble.

"It's a job that has to be done. So, that's where I ended up," Matt Wangler, a Korean War veteran said.

These men still remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice.

"There's a zillion other people that have been in there and some of them never came back. So, my respect goes out to those people,” Nils Peason, a World War II veteran said.

Volunteers like Lee are always happy to dedicate their time to veterans like these.

“They saw so many things that none of us would ever want to see, and we're just thankful for them,” Lee said.

A special way to thank six special veterans.

While these volunteers traveled from around western North Dakota, Lee says there is interest to start a chapter of Quilts of Valor in the Bismarck area. They just need a venue to meet regularly.

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