Veteran behind 'Thank You For Your Service' film is from Minot

MINOT, N.D. – A Minot native’s experiences fighting in the Second Gulf War, and his subsequent struggles with transitioning back to civilian life, are now the focus of a major motion picture.

It's been a Hollywood-themed past few weeks for Minot native Adam Schumann, but he says going from the battlefield to home is anything but glamorous.

“When you come back, it's like you're coming back to a place that's not home,” said Schumann.

Schumann joined the Army in 2002. The next year he found himself in the middle of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He went on to serve nearly a thousand days over three separate tours.

"It's tough just to run and get right back into your day-to-day duties of being a father, a husband, a good employee. You're not given much time, maybe a week or two, before you're going from getting blown up and shot at to cooking pancakes for your kids like they show in the movie," he said.

Schumann's time during and after the war became the focus of two separate books, and now the movie "Thank You For Your Service."

He worked closely with actor Miles Teller, who portrays him in in the film.

"He is a master of his craft. He is a true professional. He really… when it's time to work, it's time to work," he said.

When asked what he hopes people get out of the film:

"I hope when someone thanks someone for their services, they'll actually think about what they're thanking them for, instead of just saying 'thank you' and walking away. It's the beginning and end of a conversation,” he said.

Schumann also said he hopes the film helps veterans get the help they need.

The film is now being shown in theaters across the country.