Verge Fitness rolls out the red carpet

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Gold's Gym, located north of the Kirkwood Mall, is no more.

After 11 years of being in business, owner Aaron Moos decided that it's time to branch out on his own.

Verge Fitness is laying out the red carpet for you.

The newly branded fitness center is aimed at disrupting member's routines by creating an experience while working out.

"I think the change has been amazing. Just how they've moved everything around, the new colors and classes and everything that they have to offer," said Diane Bergquist, Verge Fitness member.

Verge Fitness offers many new workouts and equipment for its members, including a boutique regiment studio and the Nova 6 machine.

"With those different machines that we brought into the club, we're going to be able to train you so much differently than we were in the past," said Aaron Moos, Owner of Verge Fitness.

If you previously had a Gold's Gym membership, you get grandfathered into Verge Fitness. But, if you'd like to get a new membership it'll cost an extra ten dollars a month.

Members of the gym say that won't affect them from continuing to work out here.

"Our fitness and our health is worth every penny spent on it," said Bergquist.

Moos says the brand change offers him the opportunity to make the gym his own and to keep his clients engaged in their workouts.

Members at Verge Fitness say it's a fun atmosphere to work out in.