Valentines Day jewelry expenses

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MINOT, N.D. - The National Retail Federation says that people 25-34 spend the most money on Valentine's Day gifts, averaging a little over $200 per person. One of the biggest buys, of course, is jewelry.

What better way to say "I love you" on Valentine's Day, than through a flashy, shiny piece of jewelry.

But it doesn't seem to be a holiday that many plan for in advance.

"Most shoppers they often wait until the last minute. We've been very busy the last couple of days cause everyone remembers all of a sudden, 'oh, it's Valentines Day on the 14th'. Even though it's the same day every year," said Al Torrington, Knowles Jewelry owner.

Yes, the money plays a factor in what people buy, but Torrington says customers also look for the message.

"Anytime you give jewelry, it's a sign of love and the neat thing about jewelry is that chances are that person will enjoy that piece of jewelry for the rest of their life," said Torrington.

Torrington says that customers who have come in for purchase a gift for their loved ones have spent a minimum of $200. In fact, one gentleman walked out after spending just over $400, but according to this store owner, shoppers aren't looking to purchase diamonds this season.

"One year it'll be one thing, one year a different thing, but this year for whatever reason a lot of pearls have been selling. Pearl bracelets, pearl necklace. So pearls have been really hot" said Torrington.

Spreading love through gifts that will last a lifetime.