Update to progress of Census collection in Minot area

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MINOT, N.D. – The U.S. Census count is slightly behind pace in the Minot area, though online collection has helped in the era of COVID-19.

Community development director Brian Billingsley told city leaders Monday night that roughly 60% of Ward County responded so far.

In Minot, 62% of residents responded, which is slightly lower than this same time during the last census.

Billingsley said the impact of COVID-19 did hurt many census plans, but online counting has mitigated much of that damage.

“This is the first census where you can participate online. So far 89.1% of all responses in the city of Minot has come from online responses. So about nine out of 10 people are signing up on the internet,” said Billingsley.

Billingsley also said the city plans to make up for some of the canceled census events by working closely with Minot Air Force Base, and other community partners.

“We want to go out to the oil field safety meetings, that was our original plan to try to get oil field workers to get signed up for the census as North Dakota residents, not residents rather than residents of those other states, and then we're hoping when schools are back in session in the fall, we'd like to have a back to school census block party," said Billingsley.

Minot is roughly 3% above the nation in response rates.

Billingsley said it will be nearly a year before Minot gets results of the full results of this year's census.